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Business Leased Lines

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Features of our

Leased Line Services

24/7/365 - Technical Support

We have a dedicated team of internet professionals. On-hand and ready to help 24hrs a day, every day of the year.

Guaranteed Fix SLA

Our Leased Line Connections comes with a Guaranteed Fix SLA. Depending on the line, in as little at 4hrs from fault diagnosis.

Unlimited Data Usage

Unlike broadband or mobile providers, our Leased Lines do not have any data usage restrictions, neither download or upload.

Monthly health check reports

Each month, we will provide a report showing your Leased Line’s uptime, data usage and a summary of your support contacts.

Office Hours - Sales & Billing

Our customer services teams are available during working hours. Ready to assist with sales, accounts and billing queries.

Managed Hardware (Optional)

We can provided ‘Wires-only’, where you use your own hardware. Or, we can provide you will the hardware and look after it for you.

Managed Alerting System

Our systems will monitor the health of your connection. In the unlikely event the Leased Line goes down, we get an alert automatically.

Quarterly Capacity Planning

Your Leased Line serves a purpose. We want to ensure that purpose is always met and that it remains fit for your needs.


Note: Pricing subject to installation address. Pricing may differ from those advertised, depending upon property location, structure and proximity to service infrastructure. All prices Exclusive of VAT

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