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Business Leased Lines

– Up to 10Gbps Fibre Leased Lines

We believe Business Leased Lines should be nothing more than simple, fast, and stable.

No over-complications. No bells. No whistles… Just simple, fast and stable.

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Why get a Business Leased Line?

Unlike Business Broadband, a Leased Line gives you a dedicated internet connection, all to yourself!

No shared cabling.No shared data. No shared speed limits.

A Leased Line is:

  • the only Internet Connection to come with a Guaranteed Fix SLA
  • unrestricted on Downloads/Uploads
  • not shared between multiple customers
  • not impacted by the weather

What makes LeasedLine Guru Different?

Our passion is to remain a new kind of Internet Service Provider.

Most internet providers have been doing the same things, in the same ways, for decades.

Just imagine the legacy systems and problems that creates…!

LeasedLine Guru was setup from the start to be lean, efficient and cost effective.

That is why we are able to take on the mammoth telcos – and win!

Referral Partners:

Our success is shared with you!

We are built on Reciprocity!

We barely spend a penny on marketing (yes, really!).

We have an incredibly generous Referral Programme. What we would otherwise spend on Marketing, instead we apply to our Referral Programme.


UK Customer Support – 24/7/365

The very nature of a Leased Line, dictates the importance of supreme reliability and customer support.

That is why a Leased Line is one of very few internet connectivity options that comes with a Guaranteed Fix Time SLA. You won’t get anything close to that with Business Broadband!

Our engineers are on-hand 24/7/365 via phone or email. We keep a running stock of spare hardware, just in case it is ever needed.

Should you wish to have a spare pre-configured on your premises, we can do that too!